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What is a Chakra?

Inside every human being there is a network of nerves and sensory organs that interprets the outside physical world. At the same time, within us resides a subtle system of channels (nadis) and centers of energy (chakras) which look after our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual being.

Each of the seven chakras has several spiritual qualities. These qualities are intact within us, and even though they might not always be manifest, they can never be destroyed. 

How does our program work? 

Each chakra has an associated colour and vibration. We have synthesized each chakra vibration in the laboratory and recorded them.

Each time you listen to the specific chakra vibration - that chakra is stimulated.

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I want to thank you and the developers of this product. Well the charka tuning is working amazing!!! For almost ten years I have a back ache in my lower back. I went to doctors, I used tranquilizers and get exercises for my lower back. Didnít help! About 4 weeks ago I met a lady with special powers in her hand; she has the ability to massage and to heal pain. Sheís no fake, she is permitted to take money. Just gifts as flowers or something else to thank her for the services. She is 75 years old! At first I was very sceptic about it, but hey what the heck lets try it! Well she came and massages my lower back, after 10min she asks me while pressing is the pain gone? Iíd said no. She said well lets have a break of 10min... Then she started again and massages me for another 10min. After 10min she asks me again while pressing is the pain gone? And amazing the pain was gone!!! She said the main problem is solved but you still feel some pain. It need time to heal the rest of the mussels. Well I gave her flowers and kisses and she left my house after drinking a cup of thee. In the mornings when wake up I have a stiff back, after taking a hot showers some exercise the pain is gone and I can do anything again like lifting, moving suddenly, running, suddenly picking something off the ground. Before the massage I was very careful, I was afraid the back ache would come back and then I have to lay down for two days and having tranquilizers. Here comes the Chakra tuning: on the 4 of February I downloaded the charka tuning. The same evening I listed all the seven charkas. When I finished I felt like I was reborn. I was like that everything was clear to me and I was in balance. Well the next morning I woke up on time!! (never happened before I was to lacy to get up) I stood up careful from my bed as usual, but there was no stiff back like every morning, it was less then the day before. The whole day I didnít felt any pain. The next evening I listed the seven charkas again. And you can guess know the back ache is now gone permanently!!!  And I am a very happy man!!! now and can get out of my bed immediately and not be worry of the pain in my lower back. I feel alive and now I can get up early in the morning!!! I can think also much clearly then before. I can work faster now and I sleep better. Once again thank you for R&D and keep up the good work and Spirit!!!  
Aniel-koemar, Netherlands

I am a Yoga teacher and reiki healer so i use techniques for chakra balancing etc.  Can i say that i have never experienced such immediate relaxation, almost trance like, but safe! so quickly.  I could feel the root chakra vibrating straight away. it makes you sway and i believe it is energy and balancing the other chakras in turn.  It is 6.10 am saturday morning and i never get up this early and i never get up in such a pleasant state! it is a wonderful item.  I bet it can sort out many dis-eases within the body too and i read that the more you use the sounds the stronger the healing properties.  fantastic.   I suffer from SAD and it seems to have helped me so much in just 2 sessions.  
Tammy Lorraine Majchrzak, UK

I listened to the whole Chakra CD last night and feel incredible peace and energy. I could see my family's emotions with such clarity.  I  felt incredible closeness with them.  
John Moulton, USA

After listening to the Chakra CD consistently for a little over a week, I feel alive.  It seems like every single aspect that was holding me back before is becoming a lighter load to carry.  Everytime I turn it on it feels like I am immediately induced into a trance by the vibrations.  It is very soothing and relaxing and great to listen to during rush hour, then when I get to work I am refreshed and motivated instead of stressed out about the recent drive.  I have seen a lot of positive adjustments in my behavior.  I am happy to say thank you to you.  I am excited to explore the world of alternatives extensive library.  
Derek Biondich, MN, USA

For over fifteen years I have experienced a respiratory problem that caused an altered heart beat pattern.  During cold damp weather there would be times when my breathing and diaphragm would seem to spasm which would make my heart start beating irregularly.  Not very pleasant!

Conventional medicine couldn't come up with a solution other than taking time of work - which didn't help.  Eventually a Naturopath was able to decrease the frequency of the attacks and control them by using larger than medically recommended doses of antihistamine to return the heart rhythm to normal.

About a fortnight ago my daughter gave me the
Tantra Chakra Binaural Harmonics CD from World of Alternatives
.  I listened to it once a day with interesting effects such as feelings of enhanced wellness and wellbeing.  Then last weekend I was walking in the bush with my son which triggered another "attack".   I managed to get home with difficulty.  Instead of taking the antihistamine, for some reason, I sat and listened to the Tantra Chakra CD. It brought a feeling of relief around my chest, lungs and diaphragm and returned the heart rhythum closer to normal: just one beat missed out of every ten and at close to my normal rate.  First thing the next morning I listened to the disc again.  At the end, my heart rhythm and rate were back to normal!

With the continued use of the disc (twice daily) I have not had another "spasm" and don't feel that it is likely. If it does happen however I believe that I have something better to use than high dosages of antihistamine, and, unlike the antihistamine, the Tantra Chakra CD only seems to have positive side-effects!   
Brian MacDonald, Victoria, Australia

(Before ordering Tantra CD) Hello, very curious as to how effective this is... Kundalini already raised and pretty good but not perfect, chakras in good use already... (after order) Thanks for the Tantric... I'm impressed already... Now ordering Lucid Dreaming...  
Ralston Taylor - New York

I'm very glad I ordered your product.I was able to download and immediately listen to your ANAHATA CD (Heart Chakra.Ed) just when I was having some difficulties in my breathing. I was really quite hesitant at first since I have already taken some remedies concerning my health problem. Imagine, I'm still dumbfounded until now because of the immediate and positive effect it has brought upon my condition.I'll be ordering again soon and keep up the brilliant work!
Shane Medrana, Manila, Philippines

I have had the chakra balancing cd for over a few months and I am astounded by how much all of your programs work. I was on depression medication and did not want to stop taking it until I was confident that the chakra tuning cd would work for me. So I slowly weaned myself off the medication and WHALA! I am feeling better and my emotions and feelings I have more control over. I am recommending this program to any one who wants groundbreaking technology that really works. I have NEVER taken
the time to address any products that I have purchased past, present, or future. These programs however, are truly amazing! I just ordered the self confidence, instant charisma, clairvoyance, and HGH Stim cds and am having marvelous success with them as well. I am a fan of these programs and I am addicted to them. I will be ordering alot more of them. I am looking to start a library with just these cds alone. Please keep making the prices affordable and keep coming up with more new mind blowing
technology such as these.  M. Hill Whitehall, Ohio

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